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Chinese palm reading

Chinese palm reader

Chinese palm readerChinese palm reading

Chinese palm reading

Harvest time

Harvest Guizhou Miao villageHarvest NanHua MiaoLocation :  Nanhua Miao village. Guizhou Province China

JiuZhou : Part 2

Jiuzhou Old ChurchOld Church Huangping JiuZhou GuizhouDuring the Red Armys Long March, they got lost and came to this church and asked for help from a French missionary. This missionary gave them a map of Guizhou, which he had made. That is how the Red Army found their way back.

Huangping Jiuzhou old church Guzhou

This house used to be a French Missionaries quarters

Old Church Huangping JiuZhou GuizhouThis Church is about 150 years old.

Church Huangping JiuZhou Guizhou

Inside the Church

JiuZhou Huangping Guizhou

This area used to be an American Air base during the 2nd World War

Jiuzhou Huangping County Guizhou

A statue of an American Army general who helped the Chinese from Japanese invasion

Old town Jiuzhou Huangping county

JiuZhou: Part 1

A small town called JiuZhou in Huangping county, Guizhou province is not a typical Chinese tourist town; busy and commercial. The town has witnessed historical events in its own significance. During World War II – the American Air base was just outside of this town. And during the Red Army’s long march, Gen. Zhou Enlai, Chaiman Mao Zedong and many other leaders met up in this town.

JiuZhou Huangping old town

JiuZhou Huangping Old Town

Jiuzhou Huangping Ancient town GuizhouThis building used to be a Communist Party gathering place

JiuZhou Huangping Guzihou Ancient town

JiuZhou Huangping GuzihouThis is where General Zhou Enlai, Chairman Mao and his compatriots met up. During the Red Army -Long march


JiuZhou Huangpiang Guizhou

JiuZhou Huangping Guizhou

Jiuzhou huangping Guizhou

Jiuzhou huangping guizhou old townQuiet but not deserted

A woman with an iron cutting machine

Miao lady at work

Iron cutter

Mushroom seller

wild mushroom seller

mushroom sellerLocation : Guizhou Province China


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