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Tribal Old woman

Tribal woman

Fry Tofu

Fry tofu

Beautiful culture

It’s still a common practice  to help one another in villages. When someone builds a house, the whole neighbourhood will come and  help them. Beautiful culture !

Guizhou buyi

Playboy : Chinese version

Chinese playboy

Chinese playboy

inside the shop

Buyi village

Buyi village GuizhouThe Buyi ( also known as Buyei, Puyi ) are one of the ethnic groups in China.  Most of them are living in Guizhou province and Yunnan province in China.

Village bridge

Village bridge

The master and his birds

chinese Bird cage

Chinese bird cage

In China, they eat their dogs and take their birds for walk ! :-)

A strange cow

Strange Cow A local Chinese claimed that this is the strangest cow in the world. It was displayed in Kunming Dwarf Park. The cow has a leg that has grown on his back !!

Chinese palm reading

Chinese palm reader

Chinese palm readerChinese palm reading

Chinese palm reading

Harvest time

Harvest Guizhou Miao villageHarvest NanHua MiaoLocation :  Nanhua Miao village. Guizhou Province China

Mushroom seller

wild mushroom seller

mushroom sellerLocation : Guizhou Province China

Dwarf Theme Park : Kunming

A Dwarf theme park. Location : Kunming Yunnan Province, China. Entrance fee : 80 ( Yuan/ rmb ) 12 USD. The dwarfs  working at the park receive, 1000 Yuan ( 140 USD ) per month.

Dwarf theme park China

Maniature Castle

Dwarf park kunming

Dwarf park Kunming

Dwarf theme park kunming

Dwarf theme park kunming china

Dwarf empire kunming

The Hosts

dwarf theme park kunming

Dwarf theme park kunming china

action song

Dwarf theme park kunming


Dwarf theme park kunming china

The crowd

Dwarf theme park kunming china

Dwarf park China kunming

Arabic dance

Dwarf theme park kunming China

Martial Arts & Magic show

Dwarf empire kunming china

Hip-hop dance

Dwarf empire kunming chinaDwarf empire kunming china

Bullfighting Festival : Bull Vrs Bull

Bull fighting competitions are a part of the Miao ethnic minority culture in China. Normally bullfight competitions are held during the bull festival in the 25th day of the first lunar month. But it’s also common to hold bull fight competitions at different times throughout the year especially in surrounding villages in Kaili city in Qiandongnan prefecture in Guizhou.

I am sure you have heard or seen the Spanish ( Latin American ) bull-fight –tauromachia–corrida de torso : where one or more bulls are baited in a bullring for sports and entertainment. In which a matador will kill a bull by the end of the game.

But this Miao Bullfighting is very different. Its not a combat between man and a bull; it’s a bull and a bull fighting each other.

Bullfighting festival

Miao Bullfighting festival

Miao bulfighting festival

The crowd

Bullfighting Festival Miao Guizhou

Bullfighting festival Miao Guizhou

Bullfighting Festival Miao Guizhou

Ancient paper making preserved

Shiqiao is a small village in the Danzhai county in Guizhou Province, where traditional hand-made paper is still preserved. They make it by using tree barks. Throughout the centuries Miao people have made this special paper. But because of modern technology this kind of paper making is disappearing rapidly, only a handful of families continue this handmade paper making today.

Shiqiao Guizhou

Shiqiao Guzihou

Shiqiao Guizhou

Shiqiao Guizhou

Shiqiao Guizhou

Shiqiao Guizhou

Shiqiao Guizhou

Shiqiao Guizhou Miao

Venice of The East : Old Town of Lijiang

We are  sitting in a house ( bar ) which was built in the  SONG DYNASTY ( 960 – 1279 ), Indian chicken curry and  Italian expresso was served; LADY GAGA music played in the background ! Many people claimed that Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan Province, China is ‘ VENICE  of THE EAST‘ ! Maybe i can’t make a fair judgement since I have never been to Venice in Italy; however  this place  is THE VENICE Of The EAST  for me !  :-) 800 years old–Old Town Lijiang — UNESCO World Heritage town is one of the most romantic places I have ever been to in China. The cobblestone in the streets, clean water that runs through Old town and beautiful SONG DYNASTY architectures ; and of course the fascinating NAXI ( Nakhi ) ethnic cultures and traditions that still rule this touristic town.

Old Town Lijiang

Lijiang Old Town

Roast pig

Venice of the east

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Old town Lijiang

An overview of Old Town of Lijiang

Old Town Lijiang

Old Town Lijiang

A walk to a park

The other day I took a walk to a small park, about 30 mins walk from where we live. It was surrounded by chinese-architect pavilion and small bridges.




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