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A visit to the largest Miao village in China : Xijiang Guizhou

Xijiang is a Miao village in Qiandong nan Miao and Dong prefecture, in Guizhou province. Its only 45 minutes bus ride from Kaili the Qian Dong Nan capital city. There is around over a thousand households, which amounts to a populations of 5500- 6000. But, in recent years many young people have left for higher study or to work in other provinces and cities.

Most of the houses are traditional Miao-wooden houses. The village is near Leigong Shan nature protected area, so its surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers along the village.

Last week I went with my friend Jim, as soon as we arrived we hiked around to the rice field area, where there is a lot of wet-terraces. To me this side of the village is more beautiful than the actual village.

We were trying to capture the most amazing landscapes, but the weather was not at it’s best; cloudy and misty.

There are plenty of Miao Family guest houses, which are traditional wooden houses. The price range per bed will be  from 30-50 RMB. We stayed at The Village King’s Guest ( in most of the villages in China, they would call him: cun zhang -village Chief   which is not heredity. But in this village it is heredity, if he has a son, the kingship will go on to the son, he is called Miao Wang -Miao King )  house, the room was nice and clean!

And the King was very friendly, my friend Jim chatted with him for about 1 hr.

Guizhou xijiang Miao village

xijiang miao village Guizhou

xijiang miao village guizhou

Xijiang Miao Village Guizhou

Xijiang Miao

Rice ready to plant

xijiang guizhou miao village

Performance ground

Guizhou Xijiang Miao LushengMiao men playing their traditional musical instruments called Lusheng.

Guizhou Xijiang miao womenMiao ladies performing their traditional dance

Guizhou xijiangDried-corn ( maize )

Xijiang Guizhou Miao village

Xijiang Miao VillageNight View

Guizhou xijiang Miao villageA view from where we stayed

Xijiang Miao Village